“I have been a patient for 8 years. The care has always been excellent. Recently I had two old crowns that were failing and we determined it was wise to replace them. This was a normal procedure. Great care was taken in making the impressions and when the new crowns were installed a lot of time by my dentist and assistant. They successfully changed my bite with the new crowns. “

5 stars — Bob

“Everything went so well, and the office looked beautiful as always! They had great reading material handy, although I hardly got a chance to read anything because they were ready for me right on time! The hygienist, Melissa, is my regular one and it is so nice to have the same one each time! She knows my history, and she is very thorough, explaining procedures as she goes! She is so friendly and personable! Dr. Austin did a thorough job checking me over, and he was also very friendly and pleasant! I had a totally great appointment today! Thank you!”

5 stars — Elizabeth

“Dr. Austin has a great balance with his approach to patients. Very personable, yet knows his stuff. He is great for me and my family!”

5 stars — Jason

“My hygienist was superb and very thorough which I really appreciated. I forgot her name, but please tell her this. It was my first visit with her and I was concerned that she would be as great as the one I had for so long. She was also very sweet. The office is great including the new dentist. I have been terrified of the dentist all my life so it was great to be assured you are getting the best care.”

5 stars — Karen

“I’ve been a patient for many years; great location & friendly staff.”

5 stars — John

“Neat comfortable office with friendly staff.”

5 stars — Andrea

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  • David Blanchard
    David Blanchard
    22:21 22 Nov 17
    AWESOME dentist!! All of my front teeth were chipped and spaced, and I wanted them fixed before my wedding. I was cutting it close, but Dr. Wessell understood my sense of urgency and made it work for me. Not only did he make it work, he did an awesome job - they look so good now and I'm so happy I went to him. He is a perfectionist and an artist, but also a caring and cool human being who makes you feel comfortable - when he did the numbing I didn't feel a thing - the best injection I've ever had. Also, he gave me the drug-free sedation with "NuCalm" and I was totally in a trance! I didn't even know what was going on and then all of a sudden we were done and my teeth looked amazing. Go see Dr. Wessell, he is the best!
    MacKenzie Verkuilen
    MacKenzie Verkuilen
    23:52 20 Oct 17
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