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Madison Dentistry uses only the most trusted advanced technology to treat our esteemed patients. We deliver exceptional dental care with a wide range of state-of-the-art instruments.
High-Tech Dental Care At Madison Dentistry
Dr. Wessell is dedicated to top-of-the-line customer service, and that means providing the best dental technology available. Read on to learn more about some of the great technologies we use here at Madison Dentistry.
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Digital Impressions With Itero Scanner
Do you struggle with traditional “goopy” dental impressions? No need to worry! With our Itero Scanner we can forgo the need for traditional impressions by generating a 3D digital model of a patient’s teeth.
Cavity Detection With Itero
Near infrared imaging technology allows us to scan the internal structure of a patient’s teeth without using radiation. This aids in detecting and monitoring cavities and cracks in teeth, that could otherwise go undetected.
Cbct With Green Ct 2
We put patient safety first with Vatech Green CT 2! 3D x-rays, also known as CBCT scans, allow us more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning while using low dose radiation and less energy than conventional CBCT machines.
Digital x-rays allow us to accurately diagnose with instant image reproduction while using ultra low doses of radiation compared to traditional radiography.
Guided Surgery
We provide precise and predictable surgical outcomes with guided surgery. Whether we are performing implant surgery or gum recontouring, we can combine digital impressions with 3D x-rays to design the desired outcome on the computer. Based on that design, we then 3D-print a surgical guide to aid in providing the desired treatment outcome in real life!
Digital Dentistry
cosmetic dentistry in Madison, WI - Madison Dentistry
Each cosmetic/comprehensive case we treat is carefully planned and designed using the latest in digital technology. Starting with a digital model and photos, we can provide our patients with realistic simulations prior to beginning treatment. We then use this digital technology to predictably deliver the desired outcome for our patients, ensuring precision and patient satisfaction.
Come To Madison Dentistry For Caring Treatment With Modern Technology
If you would like to learn more about the various tools and technologies we use at Madison Dentistry, contact our office today. Our team is committed to: ‘Outstanding Care. Exceptional Dentistry.’ We are confident that you will be happy with your dental treatment experience, and we are eager to serve you!