Dentures Aren't Your Only Option

If you have multiple missing or failing teeth or wear dentures, you probably encounter everyday situations that make you feel awkward or embarrassed. These restrictions and discomforts can all be permanently put in the past thanks to dental implants, a modern option. Many options are available to replace missing teeth, each with its advantages, disadvantages, and costs. With options ranging from removable and implant-supported dentures in Middleton, WI, to permanently fixed full-mouth dental implants, dental implants enable people to live a healthy, confident life. At Madison Dentistry, our implant dentist provides all these dental implant treatments to restore your smile, health, and quality of life! A clear understanding of your treatment objectives and what to anticipate can help you choose the best course of action.
Comparing Fixed Teeth Vs. Removable

Generally speaking, there are two types of tooth replacements: fixed and removable. The least expensive option for replacing teeth is dentures, which you are probably familiar with. The acrylic base that fits over your gums is where these artificial teeth are mounted. They only restore 20% of natural function. As the shape of your jaw changes, it will eventually become ill-fitting and loose. To restore 60% of dental function, implant-supported dentures in Middleton, WI, are stabilized by two or more dental implants. They still have a removable acrylic denture and are susceptible to cracking or breaking over time.

Full-mouth dental implants are made up of a fixed prosthetic bridge of teeth permanently supported by 4-8 dental implants. This solution uses teeth that have been precisely crafted to look, feel, and function like real teeth, restoring over 98% of natural function. You can eat whatever you want, improve your quality of life, and act, laugh, and smile with assurance! We advise you to carefully weigh your options before scheduling a consultation to get an assessment and a unique treatment plan.

Traditional Dentures
Made from acrylic (plastic) Offers minimal support Will need relines and repairs Often loosens or falls out Does not halt jawbone loss Must be removed to clean May be bulky or ill-fitting Low-cost treatment option Qualifies for dental financing
Implant Supported Dentures
Made from acrylic or porcelain Support from 2+ implants May need relines or repairs Won’t slip, loosen, or fall out Greater stability for eating Removable for easy cleaning Improves jawbone health May not look or feel natural Moderate treatment cost Qualifies for dental financing
Full Arch Fixed Teeth
Designed from block of zirconia Fixed to 4-8 implants Comparable to natural teeth Restores over 98% function Promotes healthy jawbone Resistant to bacteria and decay Fracture- and chip-resistant Improves oral and overall health Cared for like natural teeth No additional maintenance Highest treatment cost Qualifies for dental financing
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Implant Care From An Experienced Team

For many years, our implant dentist has treated patients with dental implants. We consistently offer cutting-edge surgery with fantastic long-term results using advanced technology and implant systems. Thanks to our personalized treatments, we can provide a treatment that precisely fits your smile goals, oral health requirements, and financial budget. Our medical procedure is simple and effective. A personalized consultation and evaluation with our implant dentist in Middleton, WI, will come first. Then, if required, you'll go through preliminary procedures like tooth extraction, bone grafting, or gum disease treatment to create a healthy mouth and a solid foundation for new teeth.

We perform your dental implant surgery in our office while you are sedated. With guided technology, this surgery can be performed precisely and quickly. In many instances, we can alter your existing denture or create new temporary teeth to ensure that you have functional teeth while you heal. Your final set of teeth will be precisely crafted to meet your exact specifications after this healing phase, along with our clinical recommendations to maximize long-term function and appearance. After this restoration is affixed to the implants, you'll have a better function, more self-assurance, and a higher quality of life for the rest of your life!

Invest In Your Future Quality Of Life

Our dental implant solutions in Middleton, WI, provide long-term improvements in your health, function, and confidence. We believe they are an ongoing investment for your quality of life. Don't think this game-changing solution is out of your price range just because you don't have dental insurance! No matter your financial situation, we have partnered with a few dental financing companies to make treatment more affordable. Our financial coordinator can help you apply for dental financing and find a customized payment plan that meets your spending limit. You'll discover that the procedure is quick and easy.

Additionally, many of our patients get instant approval, occasionally even without a credit check! Dental implants can give you a new life; don't let cost deter you from getting one! We are here to ensure that dental implants are affordable for all our patients, and we invite you to schedule a consultation or second opinion to find out more.