Dental Crowns and Bridges in Middleton, WI

Your teeth are one of your most important functional features. Unfortunately, they are unable to rebuild or regrow. Maintaining consistent dental hygiene is critical to keep our healthy teeth for as long as possible. However, even when you brush and floss too hastily, you may fracture, break, or lose a tooth. Dr. Wessell can use bridges and crowns to restore your smile and allow you to chew and speak normally again!

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are an excellent method of replacing missing teeth. Dr. Wessell will place crowns over your existing teeth before constructing a bridge to replace the missing tooth.

We create dental bridges from long-lasting gold, metal, alloys, and porcelain. If you are missing a tooth, you should replace it with a dental bridge before you suffer the consequences of tooth loss. It includes tooth shifting and jawbone deterioration. While we wait for our lab to design your quality permanent restoration, we will provide you with a temporary bridge.

Dental Crowns

Our teeth weaken over time, making them more prone to decay and breakage. A dental crown is required to prevent further breakage or tooth loss.

We create custom-fit porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and gold crowns. The installation of a crown requires only two visits. We will shape the tooth, take impressions, and provide a temporary crown during the first visit. We will check the color and shape of your new crown on your second visit before permanently bonding it to the tooth.

Protect Your Oral Health With Dental Restorations At Madison Dentistry

Dental crowns and bridges are effective tooth restorations when teeth are lost or severely damaged. Our crowns and bridges look natural and provide support for speaking and chewing. We use high-quality materials in our crowns and bridges to ensure they last as long as possible and perform well.

We ensure that your dental crowns and bridges blend in with your natural teeth and function normally.

frequently asked questions

There are a few steps your dentists will follow in putting on a dental crown. Crowns typically begin with taking an impression of your upper and lower dental arches to create a replica of your teeth so a permanent crown will fit securely on the base of the tooth being crowned without letting any bacteria enter underneath the tooth structure.

Most dentists take this impression and send it off to a dental laboratory for the permanent dental crown to be built. To get the impression correct for the permanent dental crown, they must shape the tooth base below it, which could leave your tooth vulnerable in the short period between the impression being made and the permanent dental crown being delivered. Temporary dental crowns are used to ensure your tooth is protected during this period.

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