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10 Foods and Drinks With Surprising Oral Health Benefits

By Madison Dentistry

Ready to upgrade your smile without sacrificing flavor? Get ready to be pleasantly surprised! In our latest blog, we’re diving into a delicious world where foods and drinks aren’t just tasty treats – they’re secret weapons for healthier teeth and gums. From crunchy snacks to refreshing sips, discover 10 unexpected champions for your oral health.

Say goodbye to bland dental routines and hello to a brighter, happier smile!

Let’s explore the surprising oral health benefits hidden in your kitchen.

Which on this list are you familiar with?

Yogurt, milk and cheeses

Calcium, which is present in all healthful diary products, helps to build stronger teeth and bones.

Cheese and yogurt are perfect since they are soft and include these vitamins and minerals, which are great for teeth that require special care. Given that it contains many of the same nutrients and vitamins, milk is likewise beneficial for your teeth. 


In actuality, any dark green vegetable is beneficial to your body and your teeth. Although spinach is well known for its high iron content, it also has a high calcium content that aids in enamel restoration.

Other foods that fall under this group are collard greens and kale, but they’re not the only ones.


Almonds are a healthy snack that can be very helpful for a number of dental problems.

Because they are low in sugar and a high source of protein and calcium, they are excellent for your teeth. Sugar can negatively affect teeth by increasing oral acidity and negatively affecting enamel.


Because of its high protein content and low fat content, salmon has long been regarded as a healthful food. Since protein is required to rebuild damaged muscle tissue throughout the body, it can aid in the revitalization of gums. It also contains vitamin D, which aids in the body’s absorption of calcium and maintains strong bones and teeth.


There are several health benefits to carrots, particularly when they are eaten raw. Although its crunchy texture might act as a natural toothbrush to help clean your teeth, you still need to remember to brush your teeth correctly. Chewing can also aid to increase the blood circulation and health of your gums by massaging them. This vegetable also contains keratin and vitamin A, which can aid in dental enamel healing.

Lean meat

Any kind of lean meat, including chicken, is beneficial to your teeth and gums as a source of protein.

It is also an excellent provider of phosphorus, a type of dietary mineral that promotes the growth and remodeling of bones. Even if you consume a lot of calcium and vitamin D, your teeth could chip extremely quickly if you are deficient in phosphorus.


Carrots and celery both have similar oral health benefits. Carrots serve as a natural toothbrush to some extent. It also contains an excellent calcium and vitamin K combination. The body uses vitamin K to help move calcium around. Celery can also aid in the prevention of gum disease and stimulate salivation, but it’s best to see your dentist about what’s best for you.

Green Tea/Black Tea

Having a few glasses of black and green tea can improve your dental health. This is due to the drink’s low acidity, which might assist retain saliva in your mouth, and its lack of sugar, assuming you haven’t added any. Additionally, it can lessen cavities and remove dental plaque, both of which are excellent for anyone’s mouths. Another natural source of fluoride that strengthens enamel is tea.


Similar to the discussion of carrots earlier in this page, they can also serve as a natural toothbrush, but to a lower degree depending on the type. They may also keep the dentist at bay because, in contrast to oranges, they have lower acidity levels!

Despite being incredibly healthful, fruits like oranges can damage your teeth by increasing the acidity in your mouth. This can erode your enamel over time; keeping yourself hydrated with water on a regular basis can assist.

Still Water

Finally, but just as importantly, water is the finest beverage for both hydrating your body and your teeth. Bacteria can accumulate in your mouth throughout the day. Drinking water can help your saliva replenish and perform its function of restoring your mouth’s pH to normal. Unlike other soft drinks, it has no possibility of harming your teeth because it isn’t acidic.

Embrace these tasty allies and let your smile shine bright with these surprising oral health benefits at your fingertips!