Restorative Dentistry

Regular wear and tear causes teeth to wear down. Teeth may chip, break, or even fall out. Dr. Wessell and his talented team restore damaged and decayed teeth to their strongest state with restorative dentistry techniques.

No matter what damage your smile has undergone in the past, we can give you back your healthy and attractive smile with our porcelain restorations!


Do you have several damaged or missing teeth? A dental bridge is necessary when several teeth need to be replaced in one specific area.

Our custom-made dental bridges can give you the freedom to chew and smile again. The bridge procedure consists of three easy visits.

Visit One | Dr. Wessell will prepare the existing teeth to support the bridge, take impressions of your teeth, and place a temporary bridge.

Visit Two | You will return in two weeks for your try-on. If your bridge is a good fit, we will schedule you to come back for the placement of your permanent bridge.

Visit Three | Your high-quality bridge will be placed, and you will leave our office with a complete and healthy smile.


Broken tooth? Root canal? Extensive decay? Large filling? Cosmetic imperfections? A dental crown can resolve all of these issues!

A dental crown can make your smile whiter, straighter, and healthier. Placing a crown will require just two visits, and we utilize only the best materials that will last for years.


We design partial and complete dentures that will restore your confident smile. Complete dentures can be conventional or immediate, and will replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower arch.

Partial dentures are connected by metal framework to healthy teeth that remain in the mouth. Your personalized dentures will be tailored to match the color and shape of your ideal smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great alternative to crowns, bridges, or dentures. Dental implants are longer lasting than these traditional restorations, because they fuse with the jaw bone and become a real part of your natural smile. The dental implant creates more stability for restorations and will strengthen the jaw bone.

It’s Time to Smile Again!

You don’t have to hide your smile! Visit Dr. Wessell to find out which restorative procedures will restore your beautiful grin. Call our office to schedule your appointment and learn more about your options.