Anxiety Free Dentistry

A soothing and spa-like dental experience is perfectly possible. Madison Dentistry is pleased to present advanced sedation methods to guarantee anxiety-free treatments.

Up to 50 percent of Americans are hesitant about going to the dentist. They may even let dental problems and pain arise because of their phobia.

Anxiety free dentistry, or sedation dentistry, is a safe way to make it easy for you to face your fears in the dental chair. No one should put off fixing a problem or risk their oral health due to a phobia. Get ready to change the way you think about dentistry after just one visit to Dr. Austin Wessell.

Anxiety free dentistry may be the answer for patients who:

  • Have had traumatic dental experiences in the past
  • Feel nervous in the dental chair
  • Have sensitive teeth or gums
  • Have difficulty becoming numb with local anesthesia
  • Have fears of needles or drills


NuCalm is an all-natural method for fear and anxiety relief at the dentist’s office. This safe technology is proven to quickly relax patients without using narcotics. NuCalm naturally draws the body into a state of calm and allows your dentist to perform the procedures you need.

First, a topical cream is applied, or a dietary supplement is taken. Secondly, microcurrent stimulation are placed behind the ears to facilitate relaxation. Finally, noise-blocking headphones are placed over the ears, which play neuroacoustics to bring the brainwave pace to relaxing pre-sleep stages.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is a non-irritating gas that can be inhaled to induce relaxation. The patient is able to breathe on their own and remain in control of their bodily functions, while still feeling completely calm. Advantages of Nitrous Oxide include:

  • Easily adjustable sedation
  • No after effects
  • Minimizes anxiety and gagging
  • Works rapidly and effectively

Receive the Comfortable Treatment You Need

You can overcome dental fear and anxiety forever with our sedation options. Like our other patients, you can leave our office feeling relieved and pain-free. To schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Wessell, contact our office today. We hope you will see a difference in the way we perform customer service and care.